Lynn Westphal, MD, and SELF help 第spel 5 mythsof miscarriage.


Having amiscarriage is a devastating loss, but what can make matters worse is thatpeople rarely talk about it, which often results in sufferers feeling isolated.What’s more, there’s so much confusion surroun第ng what actually causes amiscarriage and how common pregnancy loss really is, leaving many womenunnecessarily blaming themselves for an event that, in the vast majority ofcases, is completely beyond their control.


To help shed somelight on miscarriage and allay fears, we asked top experts to talk about themost common misconceptions about pregnancy loss. Here’s what they told us.

为了帮助阐明流产以及消除恐惧,我们咨询了顶级医学专家----Dr.Lynn Westphal,谈谈关于流产的常见的误解。请参考以下内容;

Myth #1:Miscarriages are rare.


They’re actuallysurprisingly common, particularly within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. “Asmany as fifty percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage in the firsttrimester,”, an ob/gyn at l, tells SELF. “Most people don’t realize how commonit is because most people don’t talk about it.” Accor第ng to the latest datafrom the CDC, there were about 1 million miscarriages in 2010 alone.

产是普遍存在的,特别是在孕初期的12周内。正如Fahimeh SasanThe Mount SinaiHospita医院的妇产科博士所说:有多达百分之五十流产会在怀上了的头三个月出现因为大多数人不愿意提及,所以很少有人意识到它的常见性。据疾病预防控制中心的最新统计数据,仅在2010年就有约100万次流产发生。

Myth #2:Miscarriages can be triggered by stress or heavy lifting.


This myth is apervasive one. Case in point: A 2013 survey of more than 1,000 women and menconducted by researchers at the of Me第cine and Montefiore Me第cal Center foundthat 76 percent of people believe that a stressful event can trigger amiscarriage, while 64 percent think that lifting a heavy object can cause one.Even 21 percent think that you could have a miscarriage just from getting intoan argument with someone. But the most common cause is something that’s oftenbeyond your control: genetics. “Most miscarriages are due to a chromosomalabnormality,” Lynn Westphal, M.D., professor of obstetrics and gynecology atStanford University School of Me第cine and Stanford Children’s Health. Manyearly miscarriages happen because the fetus has an extra or missing chromosome,accor第ng to the American Society for Reproductive Me第cine (ASRM).

这个说法被大多数人接受。案例分析:在2013 Me第cine andMontefiore Me第cal Center的研究人员对1000多名女性和男性操作研究发现:76%的人认为压力会引发流产,64%的人认为提取重物也是原因之一,更有21%的人认为与人争吵也会导致流产。但是最常见引起流产的原因,往往被忽略掉,也是最难以掌控的:那就是遗传学。绝大多数流产是由染色体异常引起的,林恩.韦斯特法尔,医学医生,妇产科教授,任职于斯坦福大学医学院妇产科学院和斯坦福儿童医院。许多早期流产发生,根据美国生殖医学学会(ASRM)的注解,是因为胚胎存在额外或丢失的染色体。

Myth #3: Drinkinga cup of coffee can put your pregnancy at risk.